Tourlough’s Tale: A Short Story Review


By Alberto Pupo

Grief and loss are two powerful motivators in a human being. However, can grief lead one to make irrational decisions, decisions that can have repercussions? Continue reading “Tourlough’s Tale: A Short Story Review”


The Stranger: A Short Story Review



By Alberto Pupo

Terror of the unknown is the core of human fear. Nothing is more frightening than when the unknown happens to be evil, and this evil has a sole purpose it wants you. Continue reading “The Stranger: A Short Story Review”


By Alberto Pupo


He was finally free. It has been a long struggle, but at long last, he was free from that infernal place. No more listening to the constant chatter, the strange way the people would look at you. No more listening to constant sounds of lawnmowers. Finally hitting his 18th birthday, he is allowed to roam wherever he may desire.  He will not be held back anymore. He hopped in his car this morning, blasted the radio, and started to drive. He drove for hours until the gas monster needed to be fed. He stops at a small desolate gas station, the kind of gas station that is manned by a bored meth junkie, sitting out back wanking off to a playboy mag straight from the rack. He knows that in a few Continue reading “Freedom?”

How Did I Get Here? Chapter 3: 1999



By Alberto Pupo


            “No David, there is no way I am going through with this, I do have my pride.”

He stalks away from the younger man this is the tenth time he has proposed the same meeting with a man he finds to be completely reprehensible. Continue reading “How Did I Get Here? Chapter 3: 1999”

This is Life…


6a00d8341bf7f753ef00e54f222de88833-800wiBy Alberto Pupo

Where am I? It is dark, and I cannot see a thing. For some reason, I had been on the run, but now I am trapped somewhere in the darkness, I only see fragments of things that happened. I see metallic ships firing down upon an alien landscape bringing a city to its knees. Was I the pilot? The gunner? Or a victim? Am I trapped underneath the rubble of where my house once stood? I scream for help, but nobody responds to me. I try to walk Continue reading “This is Life…”




By Alberto Pupo

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days, it is the end of days! The horror and shock to see it all end before your eyes. Fire, brimstone, and all of the above. To watch thousands of years of human progress wiped out in an existential blink. Of course, that is nothing more than a fantasy, a very deranged one. He is starving on out in the streets, looking for a warm place to stay. City life sucks, he wants the real life. The one where he was the most powerful man in the world, staring down from his ivory tower, untouchable, Continue reading “Contradictions”

From the Stars?


By Alberto Pupo

This is it; this is my life in a nutshell. I never believed them when they told me I am not from around here. Denial, was my favorite policy until I broke into the storage facility and discovered the truth. Now with a gun in my hand, I contemplate whether or not to end everything. Continue reading “From the Stars?”