Man in the High Castle Season 1 Episode 4: Revelations


By Alberto Pupo

The story continues to unfold in Episode four titled Revelations. The Marshall is hot on their heels and still looking to put a bullet into Juliana. Meanwhile Frank is thinking about his brand of revenge. This episode will continue the story and see what answers will it bring. Will we learn more about the Resistance and the Mysterious Man in the Continue reading “Man in the High Castle Season 1 Episode 4: Revelations”


Time for a little AMA


By Alberto Pupo

One day while doing my daily social media networking, I look through my inbox and notice a message from a contact telling me if I would be interested in hosting an AMA. At first, I thought wow am I being asked to host the American Music Awards? Why that is so sudden…. Upon getting my head out of the clouds and touching back upon terra firma, I realize I was asked to host an AMA a sweet little acronym standing for Ask Me Anything. Continue reading “Time for a little AMA”

Man in The High Castle Season 1 Episode 2 : Sunrise


By Alberto Pupo

The walking into darkness continues in the second episode of The Man in the High Castle. In an episode ironically titled Sunrise, we continue to follow Julia’s quest to meet her contact in Cannon City a small part of the Neutral Zone. Meanwhile, her husband Frank is being tortured as the Japanese themselves are trying to find as to her Continue reading “Man in The High Castle Season 1 Episode 2 : Sunrise”

Man in The High Castle Season 1 Episode 1: “The New World”


By Alberto Pupo

Enter a world where everyone’s worst nightmare has occurred. In this Dystopian Nightmare, the Germans and the Japanese won the war. The United States has been portioned into two Nations. The East Coast ruled by the Germans and the West Coast ruled by the Japanese. However, alliances can only last so long? What is life like in such a world? What kind of nightmare do people live on a daily basis? However, the most Continue reading “Man in The High Castle Season 1 Episode 1: “The New World””

The Final Mission


By Alberto Pupo

Another direct hit! One more hit and all shields will be down for good. His heart is racing he can’t remember the last time he has taken so much damage to his ship, maybe his reflexes are failing? Maybe he is not swerving quickly enough; maybe his return fire is a little slow. Continue reading “The Final Mission”

An Ode to Star Wars


By Alberto Pupo

A Long Time in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away:

Thus I became enchanted and started a love affair with a franchise that has influenced much of my overall like and ultimately influencing the genre that I write in as an author. Today The Last Jedi opens in the big screen, and here in 2017, I cannot believe that there is yet another continuation to the Star Wars series and this time I can even share the magic with my three children this is what makes it all the more incredible. Continue reading “An Ode to Star Wars”

The Journey Begins Soon!


In less than a month Mike Zanders will begin his journey. One that will take him from humdrum regular existence into a world he never thought possible. What will this journey entail exactly? Is this going to be a physical journey that will thrust him out into the deepest reaches of space? Is this going to be a spiritual journey of discovery? Or is this going to be something that one may have could have never imagined? Stay tuned to find out… Continue reading “The Journey Begins Soon!”