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By Alberto Pupo

They are after me. I knew I should not have done it, but for a woman, you end up doing just about anything. It was all supposed to be a wild lark, they were drunk and found themselves walking near that accursed facility. It was heavily guarded (or so I believed), every once in a while a drone would fly by just to make sure that everything was still in order. That is when she looked at me with her beautiful baby blues and told me how hot Continue reading “Stargates?”

Red Rising Trilogy: A Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Dystopian Novels, involving class warfare seem to be nothing more than a trend in the literary world. After the Hunger Games, a lot of authors have been attempting to hop on this particular trend. Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy at first blush seems to be nothing more than an adult take on the Hunger Games. Instead of cities and towns, the world Continue reading “Red Rising Trilogy: A Book Review”

How Did I Get Here? Chapter 1


By Alberto Pupo


His screams echo from through the darkness. He sits up gasping for air, pain, wracking his body, a terrible amount of pain. All he remembers was the moment of impact, and then he died. This must be the Afterlife? Maybe not? Where he right now remains a mystery, but the last he recalls was his life flashing before his eyes, never having the chance to say goodbye… He tries to find signs of life, but the only thing that surrounds him is the inky Continue reading “How Did I Get Here? Chapter 1”

A Capital Job Part 3


By Alberto Pupo

The last few hours have been insane; the story sounded too good to be true. First, they recruit you, then they use you, and right before you do the job they kill you? The story did not make sense to him, perhaps this kid must have some mental illness., or maybe this is just an elaborate ruse to protect the President, maybe this kid is with the CIA a deep cover operative? Although the spaced out look in the kid’s eyes state otherwise. The kid told him Continue reading “A Capital Job Part 3”

Consumed by…


By Alberto Pupo

It happened again. I forgot who I am and why I am here. This is the second time this week. I just walked out of my home and stood in front of an empty field looking up to the night sky, but I was hearing because I heard her voice… calling my name… telling me that she is up there in the heavens… Who does the voice belong to? Well, she is my wife. Continue reading “Consumed by…”

A Capital Job Part 2


By Alberto Pupo

He wakes up in his room, had it all been a dream? He looks at the weapon lying next to his bed, a really large, metallic looking gun, with enough ammunition to take out a small neighborhood. Nope, it is not a dream. The mystery woman however vanished and left him a note with detailed instructions. He is supposed to go down to the Lincoln Memorial for the presentation. So today is to be historical, alien beings had landed on the planet, the President and Captain of the UFO are going to be making a joint statement about the opening of alien-human relations? All of this sounds like a farce. What if he had been drugged? What if his captors are playing a nasty little game with him and while the thinks he is on some contract his body is trapped in some virtual reality construct. He laughs at the thought, it sounded so conspiratorial and paranoid.. but then again he is trapped in the middle of a conspiracy, and it would not be the first time. Continue reading “A Capital Job Part 2”