X-Files Season 11 Episode 4: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat


By Alberto Pupo

Once again we have a Darin Morgan episode! Episode four of this X-Files season brings us to the heart of what is the X-Files. A mysterious stranger meets with Mulder speaking about conspiracies about the changing of memories and perception. What exactly is the truth? Does it involve a parallel universe? Or is this something altogether more sinister? Continue reading “X-Files Season 11 Episode 4: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”


The Journey Has Begun!


By Alberto Pupo

On 1/4/18 (nearly a week ago). Mike Zanders began an extraordinary journey, that will take him to place that he would never expect. A Journey Home Book One of the Silberian Trilogy is officially on sale, and now the reader can join Mike on this journey. Who will he meet along the way? What challenges and trials await him? This is the beginning of Continue reading “The Journey Has Begun!”

Amped: A Book Review




By Alberto Pupo

Amped by Daniel H. Wilson, provides the reader with an ¬†interesting look at the type of divisiveness that technology can cause. It also shows that fear, and hatred of that which we do not understand is apparent. The story gives us a glimpse at future that is very possible at it shows us how some people embrace technology while others have a Continue reading “Amped: A Book Review”