Toxic City: Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Everyone knows about the potential horrors of nuclear war, but what happens when humanity fails, and the war happens? How does society deal with the fallout and repercussions? Toxic City by Dangel Angello explores a dystopian London, dealing with the side effects of such a tragedy. Continue reading “Toxic City: Book Review”


How Did I get Here? Chapter 2: A Safe Place


By Alberto Pupo

He screams in horror; he awakes to find himself confined? Where is he?  He tries to move desperately, but he feels tied down to something? His vision is still terribly blurred, and he feels a strange drowsiness still overtaking him. He had found his freedom, and now where is he? Continue reading “How Did I get Here? Chapter 2: A Safe Place”

Time. What is Time?



By Alberto Pupo

Time, what is time? There is never enough time for anything? They told me I could save the world but in the end, time was not on my side. I watched the explosion level a city block; I fall to my knees in agony. I can hear the screams of the dead… their words are haunting me till this very day. If only I were faster… better… stronger… If only I had more time. Continue reading “Time. What is Time?”

A Capital Job Part 1


By Alberto Pupo

He awakens somewhere… but it is not where he is supposed to be. Last night, he fell asleep in Paris today he is awake in Washington DC. He does not remember anything at all, except he has to do something important. He struggles to think it hurts to think. He feels like something is wrong with his brain, as if there are creatures inside of it feeding on his knowledge. The hotel he is in looks familiar, it like a mashup of the Watergate and a Howard Johnson it is both trashy and classy. Continue reading “A Capital Job Part 1”

The Caped Avenger


By Alberto Pupo

This is a day like any other except…it is not. They came from out of nowhere, strange, foul, looking creatures. I ran like a coward. As I ran, I could hear the screams of my friends and family, torn to pieces by these creatures. I had failed everyone. I was supposed to be a hero. Continue reading “The Caped Avenger”

From the Stars?


By Alberto Pupo

This is it; this is my life in a nutshell. I never believed them when they told me I am not from around here. Denial, was my favorite policy until I broke into the storage facility and discovered the truth. Now with a gun in my hand, I contemplate whether or not to end everything. Continue reading “From the Stars?”