You Published a Book Now What?





So you finally did it! Taking the plunge and have written and published your first e-book in Kindle format. You are pleased with how easy it is to make your dream come true. But then a new anxiety overcomes you? What next? How do I get people to notice me, and choose my book? What should I price it? How do I promote it (especially with no budget)? Continue reading “You Published a Book Now What?”

The Plight of the Independent Author


Being an independent author is amazing. No deadlines, no contractual obligations, freedom, freedom, and more freedom! But once you get your book out there (usually in an ebook format) Then you are faced with this mind boggling problem, How do you spread the word! Immediately you have tons of “online marketers” soliciting their talents promising you tons of sales for the low, low, price of 50 dollars a month! Some of us do follow this road in hopes that we can reach double digit book sales? The truth is…   Continue reading “The Plight of the Independent Author”