Hello I am an Author: A Quick Introduction


By Alberto Pupo

*Hello everyone, So this is the introduction of an exclusive novella/series that I will be making available exclusively on my blog. I hope you all enjoy as it will be updated on a weekly basis. 

Hello, I am an author, or at least I like to think of myself as one. I am one of those fools, who dabbles in the written word while trying to make it in this cruel world. I like to think, I am omnipotent, but am rather impotent. I live in a box. Across the street from a Continue reading “Hello I am an Author: A Quick Introduction”


By Alberto Pupo


He was finally free. It has been a long struggle, but at long last, he was free from that infernal place. No more listening to the constant chatter, the strange way the people would look at you. No more listening to constant sounds of lawnmowers. Finally hitting his 18th birthday, he is allowed to roam wherever he may desire.  He will not be held back anymore. He hopped in his car this morning, blasted the radio, and started to drive. He drove for hours until the gas monster needed to be fed. He stops at a small desolate gas station, the kind of gas station that is manned by a bored meth junkie, sitting out back wanking off to a playboy mag straight from the rack. He knows that in a few Continue reading “Freedom?”

Fate of the Self Righteous


By Alberto Pupo

She feels like a true hero… she continues to click through the dating application and is smiling with glee at her most recent discovery. A young man, with a wife and kids.. and here is searching for something on the side! She smiles, with a sadistic glee, another life Continue reading “Fate of the Self Righteous”