A Gathering of Shadows: A Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Sometimes we all need to run away and start fresh. This is a constant theme which runs through A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab. This story continues to the tales of Lila and Kell as they try to balance duty with personal freedom. Where will this journey lead them? Continue reading “A Gathering of Shadows: A Book Review”


The Journey Has Begun!


By Alberto Pupo

On 1/4/18 (nearly a week ago). Mike Zanders began an extraordinary journey, that will take him to place that he would never expect. A Journey Home Book One of the Silberian Trilogy is officially on sale, and now the reader can join Mike on this journey. Who will he meet along the way? What challenges and trials await him? This is the beginning of Continue reading “The Journey Has Begun!”

Why Advertising your Book matters.

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By Alberto Pupo

Do not ever let anyone fool you. Advertising and Promoting your book matters” There seems to be an amazingly naive perception that all you have to do is write a beautifully crafted novel and you will immediately land in the New York Times Bestsellers list. Let us look at facts. Continue reading “Why Advertising your Book matters.”