The Plight of the Independent Author


Being an independent author is amazing. No deadlines, no contractual obligations, freedom, freedom, and more freedom! But once you get your book out there (usually in an ebook format) Then you are faced with this mind boggling problem, How do you spread the word! Immediately you have tons of “online marketers” soliciting their talents promising you tons of sales for the low, low, price of 50 dollars a month! Some of us do follow this road in hopes that we can reach double digit book sales? The truth is…   Continue reading “The Plight of the Independent Author”

The Savior?



Eric Colman, is a college man who likes to drink, take drugs, and party. However, he is the key to saving the world as the Ancient Gods choose him to be the Savior. In his quest, he will cross paths with Robias, a self-serving attorney who is on his quest of discovery. When these two paths collide, it will set off a series of events that will lead to one final Apocalyptic Conclusion.

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What a Twist!: A short story collection




Life, is never what it seems many times things appear to be a certain way, but at the end of it all there is that one final twist which send one into a completely different direction This is the theme behind the stories in this collection, the twist. Just when you think that all the pieces have fallen into place, the bottom unexpectedly drops and a new road is revealed. This is something that makes life interesting in general, and life is itself never a linear path.

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50 Shades of Progress




A book of collected essays about Progressive Politics from 2010-2015. These writings analyze and reflect upon different themes and topics such as Inequality Occupy Movement, War, Civil Rights, Etc. The essays also include an updated reflection after the fact analyzing if the initial essay is still valid or if anything has changed since then.

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Rise of the Network

This is the post excerpt.



In this Prequel to Time Trigger. The year is 2450 there are only two Media Corporations that control all Media on Earth. These two Corporations have started to work on a Merger that will create a single entity that will control all Media known as the Network. However, a “terrorist organization” by the name of the Collective are trying to prevent this merger in order to preserve freedom on the planet. Raul Matos is an employee for Goss Media and he has been selected to make sure the merger becomes a reality even if it kills him the process…

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The year is 2474 and humanity still have not learned to love one another. Things are strange in that we have discovered that time is flexible. Time can easily be controlled with the blink of an eye. 10% of the population is born with this gift;

Connor Walker is born with this gift. He is currently the employee of the Network a single massive entity that controls all media in 2474. Unhappy with this Connor is searching for a time trigger. This is an event within the time line that will help him alter the future and be rid of The Network once and for all. But he must be careful because changing the time stream can have some very dangerous consequence

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