Toxic City: Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Everyone knows about the potential horrors of nuclear war, but what happens when humanity fails, and the war happens? How does society deal with the fallout and repercussions? Toxic City by Dangel Angello explores a dystopian London, dealing with the side effects of such a tragedy. Continue reading “Toxic City: Book Review”


The Kitsune in the Lantern: A Book Review


By: Alberto Pupo

What is exactly is a Kitsune? This is the question that some may have upon picking up Author, Daniel Curry’s Kitsune in the Lantern. Soon the reader will find itself whisked into an adventure, of magic, myth, and the power of human bonds and friendship. Continue reading “The Kitsune in the Lantern: A Book Review”

The Magical world of Patreon!


By Alberto Pupo

So for about a year now I have heard things about a creator site called Patreon. Apparently, it is a magical kingdom where you can share your creativity and art with the world, and they pay you in real money? Continue reading “The Magical world of Patreon!”

Remixed and Rebooted!

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By Alberto Pupo

The calendar may say 2017, however, in a pop culture sense, it may be as well the late eighties or early 1990’s. It is amazing to see my childhood, remixed, and rebooted, and streaming on Netflix (Hello Stranger Things?). The various cartoons, comics, televisions shows, etc. Which I enjoyed as a child while camping out waiting for Saturday Morning Continue reading “Remixed and Rebooted!”

Total Eclipse 2017!

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By Alberto Pupo

Watching the sun completely covered, and the world plunged into darkness is an awe-inspiring thing! As a human being who at times feels like is the center of the Universe, you realize when you look at these celestial events just how insignificant we are. Why are we so involved in wars, hate, etc.? Things that in the long run do not matter. Continue reading “Total Eclipse 2017!”

Party Time?



By Alberto Pupo

The club is popping, and everyone is jumping, I can feel every single bump, and it makes me a feel a little bit horny! The Ecstasy is kicking into overdrive, and I am feeling good. Miami Life is tight! This is where I want to be. I was born and raised up in prim and proper New England, where the people are wack, and the bitches are way too uptight! Here I Miami they are scanty and ready to party, this is how I like my women. Since I got into town, I have heard rumors and whispers that something major is about to go down… Word around the streets is that there is a revolution coming! And hell revolution is in my blood considering I am from the cradle of America and the spirit of 1776 is running through my veins!
The DJ is now turning up the bass; I am smiling at a beautiful, mocha skinned princess, who is giving me a boner just by looking at her. I don’t speak any Spanish, but this white boy is ready to party! White women are a tad boring… (especially the frigid queens from my hometown). Suddenly as I am about to ride the wave of ecstasy on all level, I hear the music comes to a sudden stop. There is a lot of pushing and shoving and obscenities Continue reading “Party Time?”

A crash landing (Journal Entry)

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It was another fight. Words exchanged over the same bullshit. We are sick of the Federal Government and its boot constantly on the neck our enterprise. “Estamos cansado de esta mierda.” My parents left Cuba to provide us with a better life and in Miami we thought we had paradise. Anything was possible according to the American Dream… but now it has become a nightmare. Regulation, after regulation, they are choking the Continue reading “A crash landing (Journal Entry)”