How Did I Get Here? Chapter 1


By Alberto Pupo


His screams echo from through the darkness. He sits up gasping for air, pain, wracking his body, a terrible amount of pain. All he remembers was the moment of impact, and then he died. This must be the Afterlife? Maybe not? Where he right now remains a mystery, but the last he recalls was his life flashing before his eyes, never having the chance to say goodbye… He tries to find signs of life, but the only thing that surrounds him is the inky Continue reading “How Did I Get Here? Chapter 1”


This is Life…


6a00d8341bf7f753ef00e54f222de88833-800wiBy Alberto Pupo

Where am I? It is dark, and I cannot see a thing. For some reason, I had been on the run, but now I am trapped somewhere in the darkness, I only see fragments of things that happened. I see metallic ships firing down upon an alien landscape bringing a city to its knees. Was I the pilot? The gunner? Or a victim? Am I trapped underneath the rubble of where my house once stood? I scream for help, but nobody responds to me. I try to walk Continue reading “This is Life…”

The Horde



By Alberto Pupo

It is not every day that one loses their brain. It is not every day that one’s gray matter is taken abruptly from your skull. I have lost my brain… and now I look at the strange creature that is feasting upon it. The eyes are made of glass, and they are empty… soulless… Large razor sharp teeth are chomping away at my brain, and I stand there in shock and horror observing it all… before I awaken.. screaming, wailing. Continue reading “The Horde”

Time. What is Time?



By Alberto Pupo

Time, what is time? There is never enough time for anything? They told me I could save the world but in the end, time was not on my side. I watched the explosion level a city block; I fall to my knees in agony. I can hear the screams of the dead… their words are haunting me till this very day. If only I were faster… better… stronger… If only I had more time. Continue reading “Time. What is Time?”

A Capital Job Part 3


By Alberto Pupo

The last few hours have been insane; the story sounded too good to be true. First, they recruit you, then they use you, and right before you do the job they kill you? The story did not make sense to him, perhaps this kid must have some mental illness., or maybe this is just an elaborate ruse to protect the President, maybe this kid is with the CIA a deep cover operative? Although the spaced out look in the kid’s eyes state otherwise. The kid told him Continue reading “A Capital Job Part 3”

Consumed by…


By Alberto Pupo

It happened again. I forgot who I am and why I am here. This is the second time this week. I just walked out of my home and stood in front of an empty field looking up to the night sky, but I was hearing because I heard her voice… calling my name… telling me that she is up there in the heavens… Who does the voice belong to? Well, she is my wife. Continue reading “Consumed by…”