The Final Mission


By Alberto Pupo

Another direct hit! One more hit and all shields will be down for good. His heart is racing he can’t remember the last time he has taken so much damage to his ship, maybe his reflexes are failing? Maybe he is not swerving quickly enough; maybe his return fire is a little slow. Continue reading “The Final Mission”


The Journey Has Begun!


By Alberto Pupo

On 1/4/18 (nearly a week ago). Mike Zanders began an extraordinary journey, that will take him to place that he would never expect. A Journey Home Book One of the Silberian Trilogy is officially on sale, and now the reader can join Mike on this journey. Who will he meet along the way? What challenges and trials await him? This is the beginning of Continue reading “The Journey Has Begun!”

An Ode to Star Wars


By Alberto Pupo

A Long Time in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away:

Thus I became enchanted and started a love affair with a franchise that has influenced much of my overall like and ultimately influencing the genre that I write in as an author. Today The Last Jedi opens in the big screen, and here in 2017, I cannot believe that there is yet another continuation to the Star Wars series and this time I can even share the magic with my three children this is what makes it all the more incredible. Continue reading “An Ode to Star Wars”

The Journey Begins Soon!


In less than a month Mike Zanders will begin his journey. One that will take him from humdrum regular existence into a world he never thought possible. What will this journey entail exactly? Is this going to be a physical journey that will thrust him out into the deepest reaches of space? Is this going to be a spiritual journey of discovery? Or is this going to be something that one may have could have never imagined? Stay tuned to find out… Continue reading “The Journey Begins Soon!”

Start your Engines: NaNoWriMo 2017


By Alberto Pupo

October fades away and after the Halloween hangover fades the month of November is here. For indie authors, this is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month.Or NaNoWriMo as we authors like to call it. I have heard much about this special time of year all throughout the year. This year, however, after much thinking I decided to roll the dice and join the madness. Continue reading “Start your Engines: NaNoWriMo 2017”

This is Halloween!

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By Alberto Pupo

Halloween! A time for chills, thrills, and darkness. A time where you can go outside the box and become anything you want to be. A time for scares, and to enter the darkness of the imagination. Halloween is the best time of the year indeed, and for an author, it is a day that can get the creative juices flowing. Halloween has always been my favorite Continue reading “This is Halloween!”

Genre Musical Chairs?


By Alberto Pupo

An author one has to think what genre to write in. Does one go all in one particular genre? Or bounce around all over the place taking a little bit from here, a little bit from there? This is a question that we authors ask ourselves constantly the truth is there may be no one answer. Continue reading “Genre Musical Chairs?”