How to Fight the Infamous Block!


By Alberto Pupo

What lies on the other side of inspiration? How can one become inspired when the well of inspiration feel dry? Is there such a thing as writer’s block? Is it possible that at some point the ability to express ourselves is gone? Continue reading “How to Fight the Infamous Block!”


Ideas, Ideas, too many Ideas!


By Alberto Pupo

So you sit down to write a book, the story is going well, the plot-line is getting compelling, and then something odd happens… A new idea enters the mind, suddenly the story does not seem as compelling the characters are a little flat, and all you can think about is this grand new adventure series featuring insane wizards and sarcastic dragons (ok, not really but you get it). Remaining on topic is very difficult for an author. It does not matter if you are a revered master or a novice who started writing yesterday we authors have a tendency to shift around and change our minds when we think that the grass may be greener on the other side.

When you are dealing with fictional worlds of your creation, there is a tendency to move between worlds sometimes there moments when everything may be going well, and then a new idea takes you in a different direction so what can be done to avoid this phenomenon and see a story till the end?

1. Stay focused on an end goal- If you develop the ending to the story from the very beginning, you have a clear finish line in mind. This means that everything else is merely filling in the blanks.

2. Throw in a plot twist.- If the direction of a certain tale is getting a little stale, just twist it up a bit. This will revitalize your writing and add a new level of excitement maybe a new character? A sudden character death? Anything that will give you a fresh perspective.

If none of these things work, then you may have to shelve the idea and get back to it later. There is no shame in doing this, some ideas and stories are stronger than others, however, do not ever completely do away and trash an idea as you never know when it can be used again in the future.

Authors how do you deal with this issue?

An Ode to Star Wars


By Alberto Pupo

A Long Time in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away:

Thus I became enchanted and started a love affair with a franchise that has influenced much of my overall like and ultimately influencing the genre that I write in as an author. Today The Last Jedi opens in the big screen, and here in 2017, I cannot believe that there is yet another continuation to the Star Wars series and this time I can even share the magic with my three children this is what makes it all the more incredible. Continue reading “An Ode to Star Wars”

Hello October


By Alberto Pupo

Ever since I was a young child, I have had an ongoing love affair with October. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love everything about it. The imagery, the fear factor, the costumes, the candy! (Sometimes too much of it). Even now as a father of three you will Continue reading “Hello October”

The Magical world of Patreon!


By Alberto Pupo

So for about a year now I have heard things about a creator site called Patreon. Apparently, it is a magical kingdom where you can share your creativity and art with the world, and they pay you in real money? Continue reading “The Magical world of Patreon!”

Remixed and Rebooted!

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By Alberto Pupo

The calendar may say 2017, however, in a pop culture sense, it may be as well the late eighties or early 1990’s. It is amazing to see my childhood, remixed, and rebooted, and streaming on Netflix (Hello Stranger Things?). The various cartoons, comics, televisions shows, etc. Which I enjoyed as a child while camping out waiting for Saturday Morning Continue reading “Remixed and Rebooted!”