Random Idea Number 1


By Alberto Pupo

As an author not everything one writes necessarily goes anywhere or amounts to anything. There are often fragments that are nothing more than wild musings or flights of fancies. This will be the first of these writings I will share on this blog every once in a while.

Do any of these fragments have potential?  Are they interesting? Or are these ideas that are better off placed in the backburner?   All feedback is appreciated. Please be sure to enjoy…. Continue reading “Random Idea Number 1”


How long should a book series last?


By Alberto Pupo

What is the sweet spot for the length of a series? Should one keep writing and churning adventures with no end? Or should one try to keep the tale concise and direct? The series is a very popular vehicle in fiction. It is a way to tell a long story (and yes, sell more books ahem). But I love it because it allows creating a world and helps me develop characters to the point that they become family. When is it time to stop the tale? When should your character go off into the sunset? Continue reading “How long should a book series last?”

How to Fight the Infamous Block!


By Alberto Pupo

What lies on the other side of inspiration? How can one become inspired when the well of inspiration feel dry? Is there such a thing as writer’s block? Is it possible that at some point the ability to express ourselves is gone? Continue reading “How to Fight the Infamous Block!”

How Emotions Impact Writing


By Alberto Pupo

When writing one needs to be in the perfect frame of mind. Personal mood can dictate the content created at times. Feeling particularly angry, then prepare to have stories which display characters going through turbulent angry times. Feeling in love? Then prepare for sappy, syrupy dialogue which takes one to a different level of. Is it true does mood truly affect writing? Well maybe… Continue reading “How Emotions Impact Writing”

Time for a little AMA


By Alberto Pupo

One day while doing my daily social media networking, I look through my inbox and notice a message from a contact telling me if I would be interested in hosting an AMA. At first, I thought wow am I being asked to host the American Music Awards? Why that is so sudden…. Upon getting my head out of the clouds and touching back upon terra firma, I realize I was asked to host an AMA a sweet little acronym standing for Ask Me Anything. Continue reading “Time for a little AMA”

The Journey Has Begun!


By Alberto Pupo

On 1/4/18 (nearly a week ago). Mike Zanders began an extraordinary journey, that will take him to place that he would never expect. A Journey Home Book One of the Silberian Trilogy is officially on sale, and now the reader can join Mike on this journey. Who will he meet along the way? What challenges and trials await him? This is the beginning of Continue reading “The Journey Has Begun!”

This is Halloween!

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By Alberto Pupo

Halloween! A time for chills, thrills, and darkness. A time where you can go outside the box and become anything you want to be. A time for scares, and to enter the darkness of the imagination. Halloween is the best time of the year indeed, and for an author, it is a day that can get the creative juices flowing. Halloween has always been my favorite Continue reading “This is Halloween!”