Forest of Savages: A Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

What creatures lurk out in the middle of the woods? Is it only a byproduct of the imagination?

Forest of Savages by Rookie Burwick, takes the reader into a forest populated by creatures that pose a threat to mankind. The story builds as individuals begin to fall Continue reading “Forest of Savages: A Book Review”


The Silver Princess: Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Relationships can prove to be a tangle. Family, love, duty. When all these very concepts collide, it can create conflicts.

The Silver Princess by Lea Carter is the first book in a series which builds its story around the very nature of relationships. However, one key difference is that in this tale the relationships that are explored exist within a realm of fairy people who despite an Continue reading “The Silver Princess: Book Review”

Toxic City: Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Everyone knows about the potential horrors of nuclear war, but what happens when humanity fails, and the war happens? How does society deal with the fallout and repercussions? Toxic City by Dangel Angello explores a dystopian London, dealing with the side effects of such a tragedy. Continue reading “Toxic City: Book Review”

The Kitsune in the Lantern: A Book Review


By: Alberto Pupo

What is exactly is a Kitsune? This is the question that some may have upon picking up Author, Daniel Curry’s Kitsune in the Lantern. Soon the reader will find itself whisked into an adventure, of magic, myth, and the power of human bonds and friendship. Continue reading “The Kitsune in the Lantern: A Book Review”

Red Rising Trilogy: A Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Dystopian Novels, involving class warfare seem to be nothing more than a trend in the literary world. After the Hunger Games, a lot of authors have been attempting to hop on this particular trend. Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy at first blush seems to be nothing more than an adult take on the Hunger Games. Instead of cities and towns, the world Continue reading “Red Rising Trilogy: A Book Review”