Born and raised in Miami Florida but currently residing in Frederick Maryland with my wife, three kids, and a monster of a Black Lab.

I have always had a life-long passion for writing. There are two sides of me one is highly political while the other is more into creative writing and poetry. My first work of published work a Voyage Through Rhyme- is a Poetry Collection that was released on Kindle on February 21, 2016, followed shortly by 50 Shades of Progress which is a book about Progressive Political Essays.

On September 5, 2016, I continued writing about politics with my third release on Kindle, Trump v. Clinton: The End of Democracy. This was my last political work for the moment, as I am beginning a shift into writing fiction.

On September 28, 2016, on Kindle I released What a Twist, which is a short story collection, followed by my first novel just released on October 27, 2016, called The Savior? All my works are available for purchase at Amazon on Kindle format

Currently working on on a Science fiction trilogy: The Silberian trilogy.