The Painted Man: A Book Review

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By Alberto Pupo

A world where demons stalk the night. The people live in terror and fear of these so-called Corelings? Can these creatures be beaten? Or will they eventually overtake all humanity?

If you like your fantasy dark, twisted, and full of helpless despair, then The Painted Man by Peter Brett is a book for you. In book one of a five-part series, we enter a world where demons walk the night and only magic wards can protect one. The characters in this story meanwhile find a way to go about their daily lives despite the threat. The story flows well, and there is always a good dose of action to keep the reader awake. The characters are also complex each has undergone severe traumas that completely change who they are and eventually what will become.

This tale is a very dark one. If you are looking for something light and frothy, this is not a book for you. But if you like your fantasy dark and full of terrifying demons be sure to read this one. It is a great start to the series.




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