A Gathering of Shadows: A Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Sometimes we all need to run away and start fresh. This is a constant theme which runs through A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab. This story continues to the tales of Lila and Kell as they try to balance duty with personal freedom. Where will this journey lead them?

A Darker Shade of Magic introduced us to a world of alternate London’s all ostensibly the same yet very different. It introduced us to Lila a woman from a world without magic who seeks freedom. And of course, we have introduced to Kell a very powerful and rare breed of magician. In this second book the novel while still moving at a brisk pace tries to show us more about Lila and the choices she makes to find freedom. Meanwhile, we still see Kell trying to be dutiful bu finding that it is becoming more difficult with every passing day.

A Gathering of Shadows shows the evolution of its characters how they change and adapt to different circumstances. The dialogue is engaging, and the story continues to build albeit at a slower pace than its predecessor. The story, however, has a satisfying conclusion and it sets it up beautifully for a very interesting conclusion.

Once again V.E. Schwab delivers another solid follow up to a trilogy which is refreshing on its take on the fantasy genre, and it continues to be a very enjoyable story which will hopefully deliver a satisfying conclusion.




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