How Emotions Impact Writing


By Alberto Pupo

When writing one needs to be in the perfect frame of mind. Personal mood can dictate the content created at times. Feeling particularly angry, then prepare to have stories which display characters going through turbulent angry times. Feeling in love? Then prepare for sappy, syrupy dialogue which takes one to a different level of. Is it true does mood truly affect writing? Well maybe…

Emotions are what makes us not robots. It is what separates us the human being from the machine that will soon replace us. However, as an author, these everyday emotions can be unleashed unto the page to create a brand new piece of art, because let’s face it writing is not a science… Yes, I know you often hear the term formula bandied about… Like a formula for a good novel, or formula to sell more books, or market better, etc. I make the outsider believe that writing is yet, another field which exercises cold analytics, this could not be further from the truth.

Emotions are necessary, to a degree (as long as negative emotions do not completely overwhelm you). If you feel sad, you can infuse much more sadness into dialogue. When happy, you can create characters with a cheery disposition. It is incredible how much of the art of writing is truly emotive, now this is not to say that when working on a story that one cannot conjure these emotions at the moment to further infuse them into work, but the truth is the more you are in a current state of mind as you write a particular subject matter chances are one’s emotions will make for more authentic dialogue.

Sound off writers is this the case for you? Readers do emotions control how you perceive what you read or how you read it?


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