Start your Engines: NaNoWriMo 2017


By Alberto Pupo

October fades away and after the Halloween hangover fades the month of November is here. For indie authors, this is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month.Or NaNoWriMo as we authors like to call it. I have heard much about this special time of year all throughout the year. This year, however, after much thinking I decided to roll the dice and join the madness.

50 thousand words by the end of the month and hopefully a complete novel at the end. This is the ultimate goal and what everyone is striving for. Luckily one’s project need not be brand new it can be the continuation of work in progress. However, you must write 50 thousand words in November, that is the key. While this may sound easy, it is not as easy as it sounds, because there is a little thing called life that tends to stand in the way.

Nanowrimo however, is more than just a competition. From what I can see and from what I have read it sounds like it is a bonding experience for us who struggle and burn the midnight oil in what is the most difficult profession out there to make a living from. It will also help some get inspired and say goodbye to writer’s block, and others will network and meet new people. Whatever the case is, I am going in on this year.

My particular entry is going to be a work that I have been writing since last month. However, during this competition, I hope that the 50k goal will help put the finishing touches on the story for me.

So to all of those taking the journey this year. Good luck and may the force is with you.

Here is my entry for this years NaNoWriMo.


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