This is Halloween!

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By Alberto Pupo

Halloween! A time for chills, thrills, and darkness. A time where you can go outside the box and become anything you want to be. A time for scares, and to enter the darkness of the imagination. Halloween is the best time of the year indeed, and for an author, it is a day that can get the creative juices flowing. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because it is the one that most embraces the creative force.

To some Halloween is merely a day for dress up, and candy stomach aches. However, for others like myself, it is a day that allows our creativity to go wild. The costumes allow us to visit other worlds on a physical level. This creates a world of thrilling imagery, and there is nothing better for a writer than to walk around Halloween and revel in the nightmarish decadence of it all. It does not matter what type of stories you write; you need not be a horror author to appreciate the visuals that can allow our imagination run wild you can see Halloween can be a muse.

Halloween is also a holiday that allows us to tap into the darkness in the world if only for a moment. It provides a window where we can let the darker part of our flights of fancy run wild without repercussion. Halloween allows us to create worlds that while dark and terrible in some cases are merely the imagination at work. This is why Halloween is also a great time to tap into the darkness of the psyche to help churn powerful writing.

Halloween is merely the greatest holiday. I can go around and continue to extol the virtues of the holiday, but there are some that may never be converted. But for those of you who need no further urging let us enjoy our day as it is so brief and then we must wait till next year.

Happy Halloween!


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