Genre Musical Chairs?


By Alberto Pupo

An author one has to think what genre to write in. Does one go all in one particular genre? Or bounce around all over the place taking a little bit from here, a little bit from there? This is a question that we authors ask ourselves constantly the truth is there may be no one answer.

Science Fiction is a genre that I have loved ever since watching Satr Wars as a young child. Adventures in space featuring alien civilizations, and advanced technology has always been something that has caught my attention, As an author because of my love of sci-fi, I considered myself to be a sci-fi author, and decide was comfortable with my decision. However, after releasing my first couple of novels, there was another side of me that called to me, perhaps to embrace a darker perspective on things?

Horror, It is a very liberating genre, and I feel it allows one as a writer to explore all the darkness that exists in one’s mind. Because it is a genre living on the edge, you can get away with most anything when writing horror, unlike other genres where readers cannot stomach some extreme outcomes or situations. However, despite my love for horror, I only have churned two horror novellas, and cannot fully commit at the moment at least to a longwinded exploration of the darkness. However, I do not count out the fact that one day I may release something akin to the Dark Tower or It? Never say Never…

Which comes to my latest project, Fantasy is a genre that I have always loved as a reader, medieval imagery coupled with magic is fascinating. My current work in progress is my first fantasy novel of what at the moment is a series of undetermined length. Hopefully you the reader will enjoy it.

So am I wrong in genre-hopping? Do I need to bog down and stick to one? Am I confusing the reader?
Writers, please sound off do you stick to one genre?
Readers, please let me know what you think about writers who genre hop.


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