Friday the 13th !



By Alberto Pupo

Today is Friday the 13th. A day surrounded by myth and superstition. A day that many feels are cursed. Where fact and fiction. Myth and reality collide in a mash of horror and terror. Friday the 13 in our society evokes images of a hockey-masked, machete-wielding killer that has been a pop culture icon for decades now. When you think Friday the 13th Jason immediately springs to mind. Friday the 13th is also a day associated with tragedy and misfortune.A lot of this has to do with the murky origins of the date; It has to do with the curse of the Knights Templar.

Friday, October 13th, 1307: King Phillip the IV arrests hundreds of Knights Templars and accuses them with a variety of crimes and immoral acts. The truth of the matter is that the Knights Templar were a wealthy and powerful organization and the King wanted to take over their financial resources, so he concocted most of the charges.
This event is what many believe to be the beginning of the mystique of terror that is Friday the 13th. Many feel that it began with the Templar curse, Others however have disputed this notion and have chalked it up to a myriad of other historical events, but all leading to one fatal conclusion Friday the 13th is bad news. Particularly today October 13th.

In conclusion, whether you believe it is the Templars, bad luck, or a killer in a hockey mask searching for blood Friday, October 13th holds a special place in our folklore regardless of what its true origin may be.


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