A Return to Fantasy



By Alberto Pupo

The fantasy genre is one that I frequently read growing up. Stories which involve magic, knights, kings, and queens, battles, dragons. All of these things I find utterly fascinating. There is nothing like a scintillating tale of medieval warfare (Mixed with hyperbole and fantastic creatures). I remember in middle school and high school finishing an assignment as quickly as possible to continue reading the latest Wheel of Time book or Game of Thrones. Everyone would look at me funny as I would willingly sit through epic novels and they wondered if I had a life.

When I decided to pursue my writing career, I declared myself a sci-fi author. My first couple of novels two stories involving time travel embraced the genre. Then a few months later, I decided to dabble with horror, being the Halloween fanatic that I am. However, in the last few weeks, I was one of the only people who had yet to see Game of Thrones on HBO. The show is phenomenal and brought to life all the images I had created in my mind after reading Game of Thrones back in high school; it has rekindled my love for one of the genres that I used to read the most so then it leads me to a natural conclusion.

Yes, I am in the early stages of my first draft, only a few chapters in but I am excited. The Game of Thrones television series has served to inspire me to write in a genre that for the last decade I had grown tired of as a reader. But now as an author, I want to attempt to place my very own spin on this genre. So coming Mid 2018, you will hopefully be able to read the results of my endeavor. Return to fantasy indeed.


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