Hello October


By Alberto Pupo

Ever since I was a young child, I have had an ongoing love affair with October. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love everything about it. The imagery, the fear factor, the costumes, the candy! (Sometimes too much of it). Even now as a father of three you will still see me put on a costume when taking my children on their trick or treat runs(I do get some odd looks from the other parents). But alas, Halloween to me has always been special.

When I launched my writing career a year ago, I decided to become mainly a Science Fiction Author, because well I love sci-fi. However, there is a side of me that wants to embrace the darkness in my writing and let it all go. So after releasing an urban fantasy novel, and two science fiction novels I decided to start writing horror novellas.

The beauty of the novella is that it allows me to embrace my “dark side” without having to fully commit to writing a tome. The result has been two Horror novellas thus far. A couple of strange little tales about the darkness within humanity or the deals made with entities from worlds beyond.

So to celebrate the month of October and my favorite holiday. I have been making my two horror novellas free on kindle. The Darkness is free until the end of today! 10/2/!

Click here to pick it up

Starting on 10/3 until 10/7 I will be making my most recent novella Desires available for free to download so; please be sure to check it out!

Click here to pick it up

Still, I hope you will join me in this celebration of all that is frightening! This is the most wonderful time of the year!


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