Forest of Savages: A Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

What creatures lurk out in the middle of the woods? Is it only a byproduct of the imagination?

Forest of Savages by Rookie Burwick, takes the reader into a forest populated by creatures that pose a threat to mankind. The story builds as individuals begin to fall victims to what they believe is nothing more than animal attacks. However, the truth is it goes beyond that. The story is short and brisk; the author also uses violent imagery to help convey the savage nature of the creatures that reside in the woods.

The story is written, and well executed, with an easy to follow plot line. While technical execution is good, one major negative of the story is that the characters in it are extremely bland and not very memorable. There is nothing that stands out that makes the reader care  enough about the fate of the characters. They simply serve as victims for the monsters in the forest.

Overall while the story skews a little bit on the predictable, the writing is solid enough to keep on reading until the conclusion of the story.

3.8 out of 5


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