The Silver Princess: Book Review


By Alberto Pupo

Relationships can prove to be a tangle. Family, love, duty. When all these very concepts collide, it can create conflicts.

The Silver Princess by Lea Carter is the first book in a series which builds its story around the very nature of relationships. However, one key difference is that in this tale the relationships that are explored exist within a realm of fairy people who despite an exotic appearance in a very whimsical world one can see the connection and one can relate to the interactions that occur within this world.

The story is crafted well, and the author uses very descriptive language to take the reader into the world of fairies. The dialogue flows naturally and makes the interactions between the fairy people as natural as the interaction would in our world. The emotions, trials, and tribulations in this realm mirror the problems in our society. There is even imagery and language that evokes the ever pervasive class divide and shows the difference in interactions between the classes.

The story moves quickly, and at a brisk pace, sometimes it can get a little dialogue heavy, but overall the interactions are amusing therefore it does not feel like it drags at all. However, the amount of exposition found in this book is understandable as this is the first of a series.

Overall The Silver Princess is an easy read which establishes the beginning of a series that takes us into the world of fairies and their relationships and interactions. If you like fantasy on the lighter side of things (Sorry Game of Thrones fans), then you will enjoy this book.


4 out 5


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