Party Time?



By Alberto Pupo

The club is popping, and everyone is jumping, I can feel every single bump, and it makes me a feel a little bit horny! The Ecstasy is kicking into overdrive, and I am feeling good. Miami Life is tight! This is where I want to be. I was born and raised up in prim and proper New England, where the people are wack, and the bitches are way too uptight! Here I Miami they are scanty and ready to party, this is how I like my women. Since I got into town, I have heard rumors and whispers that something major is about to go down… Word around the streets is that there is a revolution coming! And hell revolution is in my blood considering I am from the cradle of America and the spirit of 1776 is running through my veins!
The DJ is now turning up the bass; I am smiling at a beautiful, mocha skinned princess, who is giving me a boner just by looking at her. I don’t speak any Spanish, but this white boy is ready to party! White women are a tad boring… (especially the frigid queens from my hometown). Suddenly as I am about to ride the wave of ecstasy on all level, I hear the music comes to a sudden stop. There is a lot of pushing and shoving and obscenities being shouted.

“Alright everyone, the police is shutting the party down time to go home!”

The DJ’s announcement sends a shockwave of panic around a crowd that is blitzed and baked out of their mind (I just find myself with a boner), I try to stumble through the sea of confusion, What was at first a lovely, blissful party has turned into a scene of absolute panic, anger frustration, some patrons looking for the “manager’ looking for their money back, others still befuddled asking for bottle service. Then it happened, a crashing sound which shakes the foundation of the warehouse, people duck, screaming in horror. I can hear police sirens now outside; I am on my stomach trying to get up hoping I do not get trampled in this madness slithering on my stomach towards the exit. The word invasion is being shouted. I run for cover looking for an exit…


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