A crash landing (Journal Entry)

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It was another fight. Words exchanged over the same bullshit. We are sick of the Federal Government and its boot constantly on the neck our enterprise. “Estamos cansado de esta mierda.” My parents left Cuba to provide us with a better life and in Miami we thought we had paradise. Anything was possible according to the American Dream… but now it has become a nightmare. Regulation, after regulation, they are choking the entrepreneurial spirit. But this will change. We will take back the dream even if it is by force.  Tonight is the beginning, I have a stick of dynamite and I am looking for the right place to send a message. Where should I go? The police is out and about, our local people acting under order from Federal thugs  tonight I will make them answer for their crimes, until I look at  up at the sky, until I see what happens to be a comet crashing into  the bay.

Suddenly I forget why I am outside a Federal building at two am, now I am utterly curious as to what had fallen from the night sky. My cell phone starts ringing, but I no longer care about who or what is calling me. I have goosebumps appear on my skin, and there is a sense of fear and wonder. I hop into my beat up piece of shit Dodge, and drive towards the ba hoping to find the landing spot. As I get closer to the water there is an unearthly glow which seems to light up the sky. Angels?


  • From the Journal of Eduardo Marquez

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