Why Advertising your Book matters.

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By Alberto Pupo

Do not ever let anyone fool you. Advertising and Promoting your book matters” There seems to be an amazingly naive perception that all you have to do is write a beautifully crafted novel and you will immediately land in the New York Times Bestsellers list. Let us look at facts.

Because of the wonders of independent publishing now more than ever people able to get their books out and at record time and pace. Now whereas in the past we would beg, cry, and grovel to the big publishing Gatekeepers to let us see the light of day, we can bypass all the crap and get down to getting our work out there. But then the realization strikes… I am one out of the thousands of authors out there who are trying to get noticed in this new deluge of self-publication.

Ironically enough in this quest, there are more obstacles than help. Avenues which should be there to help us like Facebook and Twitter, instead go for the gut and try to stop us from promoting our books. Our fellow authors who should be encouraging us to get out there are often tied up with petty jealousy, and it becomes a dog eat dog competition rather than a collaborative effort.

Advertising Matters and the truth is barely any independent self-published author has the necessary amount of money to throw at it. So this is why we turn to Social Media. Yes, Social media is the main reason that indie authors have been able to rise and be counted, it is the reason why some of us have fought the odds and become huge sellers. But now there is a backlash, and many people are constantly berating any author who even makes an attempt at free publicity.

So do not let anyone steer you wrong, advertising is the only way to sell your book. Which is why we need to enhance and continue to create social media outlets that will allow independent authors to promote their books for free and allow our creations to get more exposure.


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