The Horror?


So three weeks ago a part of me said why not write Horror Novellas? Sure it is perfectly natural for an independent science fiction author to release short bits of horror. At first, I wondered why not.

Lo and Behold released on May 12th The Darkness my first foray into the horror genre. So would this be a one time deal? Should I even continue to write these? I find it to be liberating to write horror. I feel that it allows myself to open up to the hidden fears and darkness that hides around the human brain. That part of the imagination that makes us terrified.

So check it out let me know. Have I done my job? Does the story scare or chill you to the bone?
Does it make you think? Is it fucked up enough?
All I can say is that the horror is here to stay.

-Alberto L Pupo

Begin your journey into the dark today:


Click here to purchase


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