Amped: A Book Review




By Alberto Pupo

Amped by Daniel H. Wilson, provides the reader with an  interesting look at the type of divisiveness that technology can cause. It also shows that fear, and hatred of that which we do not understand is apparent. The story gives us a glimpse at future that is very possible at it shows us how some people embrace technology while others have a complete  fear of it. This struggle found through most of the book of us vs. them almost serves a metaphor for the current immigration battle of our day today. As those who are Amped or enhanced are seen by some as very dangerous, while others believe that these people should be given rights just like everyone else.

The story itself moves a quick and breezy pace,   in between snippets of dialogue the story is always moving forward and the scenes do not drag on. Whenever, there seems to be a lull in the story telling  the story will move forward to an action sequence just to make sure that the reader does not get bored.

In order to reduce the amount of exposition in the story considering that it is a very deep subject matter, a lot of exposition comes in the form of chapter breaks which will highlight, either a fictional Court Case, a news article, etc. Which will serve to show the background fight  without sacrificing the pacing of the story to mention these elements.

The only negative element is that the story does not contain any real twists or truly shocking surprises, If a reader pays attention you can follow the twisting and turning of the story and even the villains  are very easy to identify in the story.

In summation the book is a quick, action packed, sci fi story. That gives us a realistic view of what it would be like if certain individuals in society were provided with enhanced gifts.

Rating:3.5 out of 5

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