Fate of the Self Righteous


By Alberto Pupo

She feels like a true hero… she continues to click through the dating application and is smiling with glee at her most recent discovery. A young man, with a wife and kids.. and here is searching for something on the side! She smiles, with a sadistic glee, another life to save! Yes! She can print out a copy of his profile… find their address and anonymously send id it! She just loves saving lives.    Sometimes she feels like she has met the young man before, he is very decent loves his children and does love his wife… but still. He is a liar! Just like her former husband.   She takes another shot of heroin in her arms, as she is dozing off into a drug induced stupor she keeps thinking about saving lives. She has been hunting down these cheating scumbags for months now! She is ever so self righteous.

She mailed the pictures off not thinking about what emotional hurt it would bring anyone, not giving a damn about anything, but the universe will hand her a trophy. God will have a place right by his side, she can be his second in command a faithful lover… Something however, is strange today… the heroin she took did not make her feel that whole and in fact a second voice inside her head suggested that what she may be doing may not be necessarily right? The voice sounded alien… or perhaps it is Lucifer trying to torment her and make her deviate from her quest…. The voice is now speaking to her telling her that soon she will receive a very important message. She is trying to ignore it desperately.

That afternoon she heads out to pick up her mail. Hopefully she will receive some sort of accolade or thank you letter. She was always anonymous but tried to be a little bit more brazen, she actually wrote to the young man’s wife and left her address hopefully now she can get a thank you! Yes, for saving her life, for making her whole again! Giving her the knowledge she needs. The couple does not live very far from her so she can get a return message rather quickly.

She opens it and there is a strange looking plain envelope, she gleefully tears the package open and there is a letter inside! Her heart is now racing and the excitement surges within her . She is going to be thanked for what she has done! Finally vindication for her righteousness!

She begins to read the letter….

            “Dear Jane,

I received your pictures depicting the “secret dating profile” that my husband has out there.

Yes, the father of my children, had a brief moment of weakness. We have been married for a while now… and so maybe I should end it completely… perhaps you are a hero…

Tears come to her eyes, she has never had much acknowledgment she is now very excited as to what other impact her actions have had so she continues to read…

However, that being said you are no hero. I do not know you neither does my husband. The fact that you are going out of your way in order to ruin our lives is truly some sanctimonius bullshit. In fact how dare you. I feel bad for anyone else that would ever have to deal with you so I have surprise to you myself… and at this point it should be kicking in…

She now begins to feel her throat constricting, what she would be her finest hour is turning into her final hour she falls down on her knees it is some sort of poison! She is dealing with the black arts! She falls to the floor and her vision fades to dark.


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