Dear Indie Author: Facebook Hates You!


By Alberto Pupo

So you have finished writing your book. The time to get out there and promote is here. You are familiar with Facebook, a world of promising avenues for free promotion! Now anyone with modest means has a chance to get their work out into the world. You can promote on your page, a fan page, and a ton of dedicated Groups specifically made to reach and connect with millions of readers! So being an excited new author you begin to promote, you begin to spread the word and then…

“You are being blocked from using this feature!”

The message pops up lovingly on your screen. You wonder

“What have I done wrong?”

“Aren’t I just trying to spread the word, the same way corporations do on a regular basis with no reprisal?”

“Hell, we don’t need this… We are not wealthy or powerful! “

You figure it is a mistake and then…

“You are now restricted from using this feature for the next few days…”

So now you the independent author have lost valuable hours and time of promotion, which means fewer people will be able to find your book and read it… Which means it will already impact you tremendously considering how difficult this is, to begin with.

Does any of this sound fair?

If you have had any experiences with Facebook of this nature, please feel free to sound off.
Because the truth is we authors are promoting our works, and we need every avenue we can get.


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