This is Life…


6a00d8341bf7f753ef00e54f222de88833-800wiBy Alberto Pupo

Where am I? It is dark, and I cannot see a thing. For some reason, I had been on the run, but now I am trapped somewhere in the darkness, I only see fragments of things that happened. I see metallic ships firing down upon an alien landscape bringing a city to its knees. Was I the pilot? The gunner? Or a victim? Am I trapped underneath the rubble of where my house once stood? I scream for help, but nobody responds to me. I try to walk further into the darkness only to run into more darkness. How long have I been here? A year? A decade? Millennia? I am full of questions but very short on answers. When I close my eyes I continue to see fragments of many lives; maybe I have to put them together to get to one coherent theme? But what order are they in? Who am I? I am beginning to grow desperate there has to be a way out. Now I close my eyes, and all I see is an ocean, I am immersed in this ocean, is this how I died? Why do I believe that this is a moment of death and not a moment of life? I now open my eyes again only to be surrounded by absolute darkness this is maddening,.. when will this end?

“Charles this is incredible it seems like It, is trying to figure out its identity which it is!”

The young man is getting overly excited; he has never in the last two years like Dr. Charles Brant’s assistant seen a response like this. Charles Brant walks over to look at the screen, a smile plastered on his face, pleased with the type of messages he sees on the screen.

”By God, It is beginning to think! I it beginning to ask questions!”

The young man simply continues to watch his mouth hanging open nearly to the floor in amazement.

“Yes, Doctor Brant… you have created life!


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