The Horde



By Alberto Pupo

It is not every day that one loses their brain. It is not every day that one’s gray matter is taken abruptly from your skull. I have lost my brain… and now I look at the strange creature that is feasting upon it. The eyes are made of glass, and they are empty… soulless… Large razor sharp teeth are chomping away at my brain, and I stand there in shock and horror observing it all… before I awaken.. screaming, wailing.

Today was the day that we are to fight back. The alien Horde arrived two days ago, and have already invaded three towns just outside the Capital. My name is Terrance Oliver; I am a General in Martian armed forces. We have been at war with a creature known as the Horde. They are from the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy, and the only thing we know about them is their modus operandi which is to ingest brain. It sounds quite macabre, and before seeing the truth with my very own eyes, I would have thought this was a practical joke… but it is when I saw that I could not unsee it… and so the nightmares have been ongoing for the last two days.

I keep looking at the display trying to devise a plan… several of my lieutenants sits around a large conference table discussing their sex lives while imbibing significant amounts of coffee… Before we left Earth to colonize and terraform Mars, we were told we would eventually be happy that Mars could be a Paradise unlike the Hell back on Earth. However, since the arrival of the Horde, I feel that Hell has found us anyway… Every day I receive communications from Earth; they want to know more about the Horde and whether we will be able to stop them. Mars has unfortunately become a military outpost to protect the Earth, and we are now serving as a line of defense against this threat… Naturally the only reason we agree to this is that we have a sweet deal.. Martians pay no taxes for government functions.. instead, Nations on the Earth pool their resources and subsidize our Martian existence, they have been doing this for a decade now, and every Martian is happy.. or at least we were happy until they arrive.

Now a warning alarm rings out through the base, the automated synthetic voice warns us about an impending enemy attack behind us, several of my men are now jostled into action no longer can they leisurely sip on coffee… They all rush behind me to look at the screens… the cameras show us about an approaching horde right outside our fence; I can see the look in their soulless eyes, mouths wide open, razor sharp teeth visible. I give the order, and I can see our defenses come to life, bullets are flying trying to tear them apart, these creatures are relentless they continue to march forward despite being struck several times and limbs starting to come off. They have a certain hunger that feeds them., They keep on coming… We need to fight or perish.


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