Time. What is Time?



By Alberto Pupo

Time, what is time? There is never enough time for anything? They told me I could save the world but in the end, time was not on my side. I watched the explosion level a city block; I fall to my knees in agony. I can hear the screams of the dead… their words are haunting me till this very day. If only I were faster… better… stronger… If only I had more time.

I have been working nightly, on a solution to this problem. A way to go back in time and save them. A way to fix things. This time I will not make the same mistakes. I will not fall into the same pattern. I will be stronger… faster… better…
One day I finally arrived at the solution, after so much trial and error and sleepless nights, here I stand at the cusp of triumph. The machine looks like a cardboard box, but inside there is a pathway to the future. What I step inside it is much roomier than I could ever imagine. The voices are calling for me to go back in time.. to be better… stronger… I hit a few needed combinations calculate the time and day, and feel the ship begin to vibrate…. In only a few moments… I will be back to that day.

Now I feel something happening, the limbs in my body begin to ache, terribly, I feel as if my body is becoming smaller, more compact. I feel like I am starving for some reason. Then I walk out of the machine… I am here.

Slowly I step out, and I am surrounded by a very bright pastel colored room, there various toys and stuffed animals were strewn upon a small wooden bed. I look back at my box.. the words time machin (misspelled for some reason) written in Crayola on the side of the box. I look at my hands… they are much smaller than I remember….

“Timothy time for dinner.”

I hear the voice of my mother?


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