Stand in Line?



By Alberto Pupo

The fight… I don’t remember why it even  started… but I do remember that in the end it hurt. I took a swift upper cut to my face, I  iced the bad boy and went to sleep. Only to awaken the next day in the middle of a nightmare… The world is on fire.. I can see an amazing blaze outside my window… I feel like this is the end? Or is it the beginning? A voice inside my head cautions me to remain indoors and not  to go outside, because when this is all over  they will come for the “Chosen”.   So I get some more sleep, my mind plagued with dreams about the fight, I keep reliving the punch over and over again… I feel like maybe I am dead? However I wake up again. When I look outside the window.. there is no fire..  there is no wreckage… The voices in my head now tell me it is safe to go outside once more.

When I step outside I notice a long line of people, Of all shapes, and colors, it looks like a Small World, all walking into a large metallic craft. At the doors of the craft two strange creatures are standing silently like Sentinels counting the people who are boarding the ship.

The voice inside my head now begins to ask me questions. Medical questions, questions about my sexuality and my will too procreate. I am embarrassed by the inappropriate and very intimate prying being done by these voices, they tell me to stand in line and wait my turn, but first to respond to the inquiries… I am hesitant and the voices prod me further. They beg for me to reconsider, the line is moving briskly now and everyone is on board the ship. Now I stand before the silent sentinels they look at each other and shrug their shoulders, the voices warn me this is the last chance to respond. Being the stubborn mule that I am I do not listen, and the two sentinels walk back into  the large metallic craft… I watch it take off, I ask the voices why they denied me entry, and they told me because I refused to cooperate… In that moment there was an explosion and then darkness.


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