A Capital Job Part 3


By Alberto Pupo

The last few hours have been insane; the story sounded too good to be true. First, they recruit you, then they use you, and right before you do the job they kill you? The story did not make sense to him, perhaps this kid must have some mental illness., or maybe this is just an elaborate ruse to protect the President, maybe this kid is with the CIA a deep cover operative? Although the spaced out look in the kid’s eyes state otherwise. The kid told him that his name is Arnold Reece, he says he is only twenty-four years old but he is no rookie, he has been taking on hit contracts since the age of eighteen. Both his mother and father had died when he was three years old and live most of his life with an uncle who was rather eccentric. So because of his circumstances, Arnold always had to find his way to survive. According to him, he had been hired to kill the President and the extraterrestrial visitors when they first landed in DC about three weeks ago. Arnold came to this very same hotel and met the very same mystery lady at the bar… she gave him a speech similar to the speech he received only a few hours ago and vanished.

However a couple of hours before heading out Arnold’s states he was followed by three men in suits, they cornered him a couple of blocks from the hotel in an alley, beat him badly and left him for dead. He never received communications from the mystery woman, until he tracked her down to the hotel and followed her here and eventually he hid in the SUV with hopes to ambush her but it was too late, and he heard that I am the man now on the job. He learned, however, the SUV was rigged with explosives because Arnold heard voices talking when they put the explosives on the dashboard of the vehicle.

The story sounds fucked up, but he knows that this kid Arnold does have a point. If they were trying to rub him out with explosions that are the whole point of these contract jobs it makes no sense.

“Look, Arnold , I understand everything you are telling me, and it may be true, but what is the reason for this? Why hire some just to kill them a couple of hours later?”

Arnold shrugs his shoulders in acknowledgment to the question before responding.

“Beats the hell out of me, like you said it does not make sense, but maybe we can figure this out together?”

Arnold’s proposal is fair, if the mystery woman expects him to be dead anyway, what is the harm in taking a detour from the job to figure out what is going on here.

“Room Service”

A decidedly female voice speaks through the door before knocking a second time.
Now he is a little concerned because he does not remember asking for any room service, he looks at Arnold, who shrugs his shoulders. The knocking came harder and eventually the door is broken down by a vicious kick.

“Well looks like the two of you are friendly with each other.”

Now the mystery woman is standing in the room staring at them gun pointing right at them.’

“Yes, it is good the two of you can at least die together!”

 To be Continued


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