Consumed by…


By Alberto Pupo

It happened again. I forgot who I am and why I am here. This is the second time this week. I just walked out of my home and stood in front of an empty field looking up to the night sky, but I was hearing because I heard her voice… calling my name… telling me that she is up there in the heavens… Who does the voice belong to? Well, she is my wife.

This whole tragedy goes back two years, I was drinking, there was a car accident, and I lost control… I survived despite a nasty amount of bumps and bruises… my wife, on the other hand, paid the consequences; she was beyond repair… it was all my fault… all because of the bottle. The built it had been eating me up inside for two years! I thought about ending it all, but you know I am a coward. I tried to go to therapy, of all kinds.. but I loved the bottle more than I loved her. Then it happened for the first time three weeks ago.

I heard a very familiar voice calling to me, almost beckoning me… telling me that she is safe and that we can be together… all I need to is find her… I exited the house that night and drove ten miles away from my home to an empty corn field. I stood there half naked, looking out at the night sky, as her voice spoke so tenderly in my ears. Eventually, I was greeted by the sunrise, and she was nowhere to be found … except as a disembodied voice in my head. I drove home thinking, and nothing happened again until today… Now I am back here on this empty field, wondering why her voice told me to come here… why? I it because this was our spot? Is it because this where I proposed… (yeah a corn field not very romantic)… Or is because….

Now I can see a flurry of lights, multi-colored; I can see here her voice calling me loud and proud, telling me to come towards the light. Now I feel tears falling my cheeks; I am coming home Sarah. I am coming home…







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