A Capital Job Part 2


By Alberto Pupo

He wakes up in his room, had it all been a dream? He looks at the weapon lying next to his bed, a really large, metallic looking gun, with enough ammunition to take out a small neighborhood. Nope, it is not a dream. The mystery woman however vanished and left him a note with detailed instructions. He is supposed to go down to the Lincoln Memorial for the presentation. So today is to be historical, alien beings had landed on the planet, the President and Captain of the UFO are going to be making a joint statement about the opening of alien-human relations? All of this sounds like a farce. What if he had been drugged? What if his captors are playing a nasty little game with him and while the thinks he is on some contract his body is trapped in some virtual reality construct. He laughs at the thought, it sounded so conspiratorial and paranoid.. but then again he is trapped in the middle of a conspiracy, and it would not be the first time.

In his mind, he has images of a very strange scenario. Walking near Champs Elysees tracking down a woman who had stolen from some real assholes. As much as he sympathized with her plight (he would have done the same). He had been contracted by these assholes to find her.., and then shoot her… it turned out she was a Diplomat’s daughter… it turns out she was beautiful… it turns out he took revenge on the assholes one by one… He loved France, and he misses being there (in fact he was there only a day ago), and now here he is in the Cesspool of the World, on a strange mission.

He walks outside and into the small SUV, something smells strange, but he tries to ignore it, he turns the ignition once, and the car does not start… he is about to turn it once more when he feels a gun to the back of his head.

“If you turn that ignition once more you are dead! Get out of the car now!”

Since there is nothing more convincing than a gin to the head, he gets out slowly and puts his hands up. The young man before him looks to be in his early twenties and seems to be allergic to razor blades; he also smells as if he had not bathed in a while.

“Ok, I don’t expect you to believe me, but you need to go back to where you came from this job… this is madness..”

As the young man holds the gun he notices the young man’s hands are trembling; he may be on drugs or something.

“ Look kid.. I am in the middle of a job just put your gun down and lets no authorities need to get involved.”

He hoped this would be enough to dissuade and calm down the young man, but instead it has made him more agitated.

“Don’t you see what is going on here? Are you being used and lied to? And I just saved your life! This SUV is rigged to explode.”

Now he is beginning to get nervous how does this young man truly know about any of this?

“Now listen put the gun down who are you?”

He tries to remain nice and calm keeping his hands up so that the young man would not lose his mind (any more than what he already had).

“No, I can’t calm down because you are danger don’t you get it… I am the man who was supposed to do the job before you got called in.”

To Be Continued



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