The Magic


By Alberto Pupo

I often have the same dream. The waves are crashing below in an ocean of nothingness, I can hear seagulls out in the distance, but I can see them. Only this eternal ocean of darkness, so empty like my life. I awaken, and I feel broken, I used to be somebody. I had the ability to make something out of nothing, bend material into any shape that I wanted to and then one day it all went away because of them…

It was a dark wintry afternoon. However, everything was bright that as flowers were growing from out of a patch of ice… impossible… well, not for me, not for a wizard. This has been my birthright, born with an ability that not many had in a time that was a dark age for man as religion and superstition ruled the day. All the talk was about Gods and Goddesses, Dragons and legends… but none of those were real except for the ability to manipulate the elements.
My father was a wizard as was his father before him, and on this day as I cast to my heart’s delight it seemed like it would be my turn be Wizard of the Court… but on this day my dreams turned to nothing,

The heavens opened above me a radiant glow lit up the gray skies; it materialized out of the nothingness an enormous flying object hovering above me… something I have never seen in my life… what sort of magic was this? My body felt frozen, suddenly my ability to cast cut off… that was impossible I was cut off from the flow, and then I find myself rising into a beam of light my vision fading… I awoke in a small room, fill with technical wonders, there were two others in the room with me, I could hear their screams it made me in shiver in terror. My entire life I had never felt so helpless. Then now my vision becomes clear, but I hoped it would not exceed two hideous figures, were looking down at me, a large enormous head with multiple eyes.. and a mouth that… I still cringe thinking about it… these creatures are the stuff of nightmares. What happened next I have a very little recollection about… except that I awoke once more, shivering in the forest laying on the icy ground. I look around and wonder if everything had been a dream., there was no trace of any ship… none at all. Ever since that day I have been having nightmares and ever since that day I have been unable to cast.

“So that is my story Master Liam, do you think I will ever get my magic back?”

I wait for the older man to respond, he seems to be in deep contemplation taking in the entire story is fanciful as it may sound.

“I don’t know young Lucas… it may have been nothing more than a dream, the type of technology you describe? Visitors from another world outside of our planet? I think you may have taken a bad fall while casting? Maybe a spell deflected off an object and hit you somehow?”

Master Liam’s version is simple enough to understand, and it makes sense.

“Thank you, Master Liam, I can always count on you to help clear things up for me.”

When the boy left, I felt a pang of guilt, but how could I tell him the truth? I breathe a sigh of relief and waited for him to be long gone before my visitor emerged from the shadows. It had been hard getting used to their strange appearance but despite their crude methods I did what I had to do.

“You lied to the boy…”

The voice sent a shiver up my spine…

“Well, I did what I had to do… you wanted his magic, and I gave it to you, but I am not going to admit that I his very own teacher have betrayed him.”


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