Times Like These…


It has been a long hard week for many of us in the United States as well as around the world. Many have been left in complete shock, a strange ending to what was a horribly unpredictable election cycle. But rather than discuss the politics around the event, this posting is a discussion of how this affects me as a writer and how it may influence those who write around the Globe.

The tension of the events can lead to a creation of darker worlds in the mind’s eye. With writing many times we draw inspiration from the world around us, dark time can perhaps lead to really dark stories that hold a mirror to our society. Or maybe some of us may try to retreat into a happier world, where the reader can escape into a fantasy of a world much different than the one we live in, a world where life is actually at peace. These are two types of approaches as the external world always has some effect on the internal creative process whether negative or positive.

As a reader, when times get dark do you enjoy reading about happier moments, or do you simply cave to the emotions swirling around your mind and escape into dark realms?

I would like to hear some thoughts and opinions from readers and writers. It has been a tough week for all of us. To read about my creative visions please check out my works here, thank you.






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