You Published a Book Now What?





So you finally did it! Taking the plunge and have written and published your first e-book in Kindle format. You are pleased with how easy it is to make your dream come true. But then a new anxiety overcomes you? What next? How do I get people to notice me, and choose my book? What should I price it? How do I promote it (especially with no budget)?

Social Media can be a way to get your message across (if the spam police do not get you), but even then, social media is a web of random algorithms which randomly generate your material into people’s feeds and hopefully they won’t be too busy doing something else, and will actually manage to read about your book, under the deluge of political drama, or for those not of that persuasion “the latest Kardashian scandal”.

Social Media provide a wonderful and at times free platform, but it can be time-consuming, and aggravating. So maybe you can try blogging?

Tell me what works for you? Please check out my books here! Thank you.




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