Spam Policies are Corporate Propaganda




Spam! What exactly is it? To me, it is a canned foodstuff, to Social Media Networks (i.e., Corporations) it is a way to control the struggling independent artist while allowing Corporations with money to get their message out. Spam policies may have been at one point “benevolent” during the Wild West days where there was so much going around that one would need to clean their e-mail account at least twice a day. But those days are long was gone, and spam policies which at one point may have been useful are now simply being used a weapon to stop those without means from using social media to its fullest potential.

Social Media, when done correctly, is a wonderful thing. It allows for artists and small businesses who typically don’t have the financial resources an opportunity to reach a mass audience. Unfortunately, greed becomes a factor and to further satiate Corporate investor, Spam policies which at one point may have served a legitimate purpose, are now nothing more than barriers and weapons being used against those who are trying to achieve their dreams. Spam policies are outdated and need to be eliminated so that the social media platform can be democratized and not turned into another Corporate medium like print and television.

Readers! What are your thoughts? I would like to hear from you.

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