The Plight of the Independent Author


Being an independent author is amazing. No deadlines, no contractual obligations, freedom, freedom, and more freedom! But once you get your book out there (usually in an ebook format) Then you are faced with this mind boggling problem, How do you spread the word! Immediately you have tons of “online marketers” soliciting their talents promising you tons of sales for the low, low, price of 50 dollars a month! Some of us do follow this road in hopes that we can reach double digit book sales? The truth is…  

It is a jungle out there.

We have obtained our freedom, but in exchange as a writer, we now have to become geniuses. Use “social media to its fullest extent” (except when you do that Facebook has a tizzy fit and puts you in time out!”)

So this is the plight of the independent author! We are all trying to get out works read to the largest maximum audience! Would you help us out?


Help me out here by clicking here to check out my works. thanks!



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