Rise of the Network

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In this Prequel to Time Trigger. The year is 2450 there are only two Media Corporations that control all Media on Earth. These two Corporations have started to work on a Merger that will create a single entity that will control all Media known as the Network. However, a “terrorist organization” by the name of the Collective are trying to prevent this merger in order to preserve freedom on the planet. Raul Matos is an employee for Goss Media and he has been selected to make sure the merger becomes a reality even if it kills him the process…

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The year is 2474 and humanity still have not learned to love one another. Things are strange in that we have discovered that time is flexible. Time can easily be controlled with the blink of an eye. 10% of the population is born with this gift;

Connor Walker is born with this gift. He is currently the employee of the Network a single massive entity that controls all media in 2474. Unhappy with this Connor is searching for a time trigger. This is an event within the time line that will help him alter the future and be rid of The Network once and for all. But he must be careful because changing the time stream can have some very dangerous consequence

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Total Eclipse 2017!

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By Alberto Pupo

Watching the sun completely covered, and the world plunged into darkness is an awe-inspiring thing! As a human being who at times feels like is the center of the Universe, you realize when you look at these celestial events just how insignificant we are. Why are we so involved in wars, hate, etc.? Things that in the long run do not matter. Continue reading “Total Eclipse 2017!”

Hello I am an Author: A Quick Introduction


By Alberto Pupo

*Hello everyone, So this is the introduction of an exclusive novella/series that I will be making available exclusively on my blog. I hope you all enjoy as it will be updated on a weekly basis. 

Hello, I am an author, or at least I like to think of myself as one. I am one of those fools, who dabbles in the written word while trying to make it in this cruel world. I like to think, I am omnipotent, but am rather impotent. I live in a box. Across the street from a Continue reading “Hello I am an Author: A Quick Introduction”

Party Time?



By Alberto Pupo

The club is popping, and everyone is jumping, I can feel every single bump, and it makes me a feel a little bit horny! The Ecstasy is kicking into overdrive, and I am feeling good. Miami Life is tight! This is where I want to be. I was born and raised up in prim and proper New England, where the people are wack, and the bitches are way too uptight! Here I Miami they are scanty and ready to party, this is how I like my women. Since I got into town, I have heard rumors and whispers that something major is about to go down… Word around the streets is that there is a revolution coming! And hell revolution is in my blood considering I am from the cradle of America and the spirit of 1776 is running through my veins!
The DJ is now turning up the bass; I am smiling at a beautiful, mocha skinned princess, who is giving me a boner just by looking at her. I don’t speak any Spanish, but this white boy is ready to party! White women are a tad boring… (especially the frigid queens from my hometown). Suddenly as I am about to ride the wave of ecstasy on all level, I hear the music comes to a sudden stop. There is a lot of pushing and shoving and obscenities Continue reading “Party Time?”

A crash landing (Journal Entry)

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It was another fight. Words exchanged over the same bullshit. We are sick of the Federal Government and its boot constantly on the neck our enterprise. “Estamos cansado de esta mierda.” My parents left Cuba to provide us with a better life and in Miami we thought we had paradise. Anything was possible according to the American Dream… but now it has become a nightmare. Regulation, after regulation, they are choking the Continue reading “A crash landing (Journal Entry)”


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By Alberto Pupo

They are after me. I knew I should not have done it, but for a woman, you end up doing just about anything. It was all supposed to be a wild lark, they were drunk and found themselves walking near that accursed facility. It was heavily guarded (or so I believed), every once in a while a drone would fly by just to make sure that everything was still in order. That is when she looked at me with her beautiful baby blues and told me how hot Continue reading “Stargates?”


By Alberto Pupo


He was finally free. It has been a long struggle, but at long last, he was free from that infernal place. No more listening to the constant chatter, the strange way the people would look at you. No more listening to constant sounds of lawnmowers. Finally hitting his 18th birthday, he is allowed to roam wherever he may desire.  He will not be held back anymore. He hopped in his car this morning, blasted the radio, and started to drive. He drove for hours until the gas monster needed to be fed. He stops at a small desolate gas station, the kind of gas station that is manned by a bored meth junkie, sitting out back wanking off to a playboy mag straight from the rack. He knows that in a few Continue reading “Freedom?”