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alberto pupo
For the last one thousand years the land has been ruled by a Council of Mages. Despite the peace, people across the land the people have grown tired of magic and are suspicious of those who practice it. There are rumors that the heir to a long-dead bloodline is returning to power and intends to destroy the ruling Mage Council and stamp out all magic.
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Mike Zanders lives the simple kind of life. A professional, married with children there is nothing out of the ordinary, and this is exactly what he wants. However, things are about to take a strange turn. Events out of his control that will take him on a journey to a place he never imagined.

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Edmon Melfor chases down the cases that nobody else wants to touch. Armed with a mysterious book, and a bucket load of moxie. It is his duty to hunt down dimensions, and things from other worlds that threaten the Earth

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Jonathan Hughes is a Senior Partner at a prestigious law firm. He has fulfilled every one of his desires. However, things begin to fall apart as the secretary of his firm is found dead. Who or what is responsible? What happens when life becomes a living nightmare…

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Terrance is preparing to begin the University in the Fall, and for one final summer, he decides to visit his Aunt Victoria like he always does. This summer how he discovers a mysterious Journal left underneath a staircase. Upon reading this journal, he begins a journey that will only end in darkness.

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In this Prequel to Time Trigger. The year is 2450 there are only two Media Corporations that control all Media on Earth. These two Corporations have started to work on a Merger that will create a single entity that will control all Media known as the Network. However, a “terrorist organization” by the name of the Collective are trying to prevent this merger in order to preserve freedom on the planet. Raul Matos is an employee for Goss Media and he has been selected to make sure the merger becomes a reality even if it kills him the process…

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The year is 2474 and humanity still have not learned to love one another. Things are strange in that we have discovered that time is flexible. Time can easily be controlled with the blink of an eye. 10% of the population is born with this gift;

Connor Walker is born with this gift. He is currently the employee of the Network a single massive entity that controls all media in 2474. Unhappy with this Connor is searching for a time trigger. This is an event within the time line that will help him alter the future and be rid of The Network once and for all. But he must be careful because changing the time stream can have some very dangerous consequence

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Eric Colman, is a college man who likes to drink, take drugs, and party. However, he is the key to saving the world as the Ancient Gods choose him to be the Savior. In his quest, he will cross paths with Robias, a self-serving attorney who is on his quest of discovery. When these two paths collide, it will set off a series of events that will lead to one final Apocalyptic Conclusion.

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Sequels are hard to write!


By Alberto Pupo

You have done it! Set it all up! Your new world has been built. Your characters have been honed and finely developed. You are a locomotive with no roadblocks! Except… Your last book did not have the “The end”. Your book made a promise. A promise to continue this sordid little tale. So looks like I made this promise. Like an optimistic fool looking to Continue reading “Sequels are hard to write!”

Chapter 1: Jerom

alberto pupo


By Alberto Pupo

Jerom hated the city. Everything about the place gave him an urge to vomit, but when the message and a bag of gold ended up on his doorstep, he couldn’t resist answering the call. He loved the hunt, especially when there was a lot money, and the message promised more of a fortune than he could ever dream of. Continue reading “Chapter 1: Jerom”

A City can Only Wish Ch 2


By Alberto Pupo

Failed. Another failure. He had been experimenting for what felt like an eternity and every time the outcome was the same. The gateway opened up in its beautiful translucent glory and then before a step could be taken it evaporated into nothingness. Quantum Physics was still a bitch. All the calculations could be damn, near perfect and it a moment it all vanished. Continue reading “A City can Only Wish Ch 2”

A City Can Only Wish Ch 1


By Alberto Pupo

She feared the worst but hoped for the best and then everything fell apart. Tabitha barely made it out of the fight. She held her bruised left arm and cried out in pain. The pain rattled her body, mind, and soul. A few minutes later she lit a cigarette and saw a vision of a triple-headed Goddess dance before her eyes. The beautiful Goddess healed Tabitha’s wound, smiled and then walked off into the light while Stairway to Heaven blared in the background. Continue reading “A City Can Only Wish Ch 1”

Random Idea Number 1


By Alberto Pupo

As an author not everything one writes necessarily goes anywhere or amounts to anything. There are often fragments that are nothing more than wild musings or flights of fancies. This will be the first of these writings I will share on this blog every once in a while.

Do any of these fragments have potential?  Are they interesting? Or are these ideas that are better off placed in the backburner?   All feedback is appreciated. Please be sure to enjoy…. Continue reading “Random Idea Number 1”

How long should a book series last?


By Alberto Pupo

What is the sweet spot for the length of a series? Should one keep writing and churning adventures with no end? Or should one try to keep the tale concise and direct? The series is a very popular vehicle in fiction. It is a way to tell a long story (and yes, sell more books ahem). But I love it because it allows creating a world and helps me develop characters to the point that they become family. When is it time to stop the tale? When should your character go off into the sunset? Continue reading “How long should a book series last?”